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Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) is an officially registered NGO in the Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand. Since becoming internationally recognized in 2014, the CNF team has committed themselves to preserving the balance of the ecosystem and environment across the globe. The CNF environmental conservational site just north of Pai, Thailand is the location of their tree nursery, organic farm, additional to being the home of critically endangered tortoises, birds, and Asian elephants. Conserve Natural Forests is dedicated to reproducing endemic plant and animal species in Thailand, and will restore the damages caused by centuries of rampant deforestation.

Conserve Natural Forests

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We're raising money to relocate a 5-year-old elephant named Mae Kajaa to our project site. If you haven't already and you would like to learn more:

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Posted by Conserve Natural Forests on Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Our Priorities


Elephant Rehabilitation

Conserve Natural Forests works to preserve one of Thailand's most important symbols, the Asian Elephant. We aim to rehabilitate domesticated elephants, and reintroduce them to the wild by donating them to the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation run by the Queen of Thailand.



Our reforestation projects aim to combat the effects of climate change and heal the local ecosystem . As part of our goal to plant a million trees per year, we do extensive planting on our site and throughout the Mae Hong Son province.



We acknowledge that any big change cannot be brought about single-handedly. That is why we focus on educating the local community on sustainable development and environmental sustainability. We also organise regular planting days and field visits in order to cultivate empathy towards the environment among the younger generations.


Reptile Rehabilitation

We have created a habitat for endangered tortoises and terrapins. Our mission is to reproduce, rehabilitate, and release them into the Huai Nam Dang National Park, Thailand.



By taking a tour of our project site, you will participate in a unique experience of eco-tourism which combines awareness of Thailand's tropical ecosystem along with having the opportunity to offset some part of your carbon footprint.