About The Visit

Why an Eco-Tour?

Conserve Natural Forests is a non-profit organisation that restores damaged eco-systems by planting trees and rehabilitating endangered wildlife species in Pai, Thailand. By taking a tour of our project site, you will participate in a unique experience of eco-tourism which combines awareness of Thailand's tropical ecosystem along with having the opportunity to offset some part of your carbon footprint. Through this eco-tour, we want you to be a part of our initiative in making this world a more sustainable place for our generations to come.

What to Expect

  • 1. Travellers will meet at our pick up point at the Rim Pai Market at 13:00, and head towards our project site (17kms from Pai town). Transportation will be provided at no additional cost. Alternatively, you can follow our truck on your motorbike or directly reach the land at 13:30. The truck heads back to town around 17:00.
  • 2. We will welcome you at the land with a small introduction about our work and values. Our core values are centred around renewing damaged tropical eco-systems in Thailand, and also an abuse-free and entertainment-free rehabilitation project for elephants and reptiles.
  • 3. We will go through our project on endangered reptiles which includes our tour of the tortoise rehabilitation shelter.
  • 4. Next, you will meet Kamee (our elephant) in her natural habitat. She is usually inside the tropical forests, and we will search for her by walking across our land, or if the weather permits, crossing the river.
  • 5. You will help Kamee have her daily 30 kilos of bananas, prescribed by the head vet of the elephant hospital in Lampang.
  • 6. After spending some time with Kamee in the wild, you can treat yourself with a chilled organic passion fruit gin and tonic, and traditional Thai food (50 baht per dish).
  • 7. Finally, you will plant trees to not only help us in our reforestation project but also offset a part of the carbon footprint you made travelling to Thailand.

Ready to visit Conserve Natural Forests?