About Us

Mission Statement

Our primary concerns at Conserve Natural Forests (CNF) are restoring damaged ecosystems by implementing well-researched, practical methods of forest restoration, facilitating the population growth of critically endangered endemic animal species, engaging and educating local communities about the importance of sustainable development and environmental conservation, and sharing our mission with the broader international community through ecotourism and a rapidly expanding internship program.

Why We Do What We Do

We are here to repair the damage done by humans to our environment and leave this world a little better than we found it. As simple as this may sound, environmental degradation is a highly complicated issue that intersects almost every aspect of society, from international trade to political economy to local farming practices. If the problem is multifarious, our approach must be multifaceted. Where unsustainable farming practices have decimated Thailand’s primary forests and removed one of our frontline defenders against global warming, we are working to restore its biodiversity and ecological function. Where overpopulation has edged out the natural habitat of many endemic species, we are providing a space for these animals to reintegrate with the wild. In a world saturated by misinformation, we are engaging and educating local communities about the importance of sustainable development and environmental conservation. And we have already seen results. CNF is the leading conservation organization in the Mae Hong Son Province of Thailand. As of 2017, we have planted nearly 300,000 trees throughout Thailand, restoring plant and animal ecosystems across the country. Looking ahead, we have several projects in the works to rehabilitate local species such as land and sea turtles, Asian elephants, and rare avian species.

Our Team

Miguel Tenorio Tagle



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Miguel Tenorio Tagle has a background in Communication Sciences from the Iberoamerican University in Mexico City and a law degree from the renowned University of La Laguna in Spain. Miguel served as a legal consultant for several years across offices in Spain, London, and Dubai; it was not until his involvement at a conservation NGO in India that reforestation became the focal point of his career. Miguel founded Conserve Natural Forests in hopes of establishing a long-term national effort towards preserving the forests and endangered species endemic to Thailand.

Anchala Nimitmala

Regional Coordinator


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Anchala, affectionately nicknamed “Hippo,” has 12 years of experience working with elephants and is passionate about preserving the species. As a regional coordinator, Hippo is responsible for meeting the day-to-day challenges for carrying out CNF’s activities. She is also one of the best chefs in town—her home-cooked meals not only fuel our long days, but satisfy our taste buds like nothing else!

Sanga Pingkan

Agricultural Director

mr tiger 4

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Sergeant Major Sanga “Mr. Tiger” Pingkan joined the Royal Thai Army over 20 years ago. He is in charge of managing the King’s Self Sustainability Project at the army base in Pai, to which he owes his passion about preserving our surrounding forests. Mr. Tiger has been of huge assistance to CNF from the very beginning, coordinating military personnel in helping us plant as many trees as possible.

Sonthaya Panyakham

Site Coordinator

bo 1

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“Bo” is our tree expert. He manages our tree nursery and coordinates all of our planting days.

Saichon Nimitmvahwai

Wildlife Expert

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Lung Chon is the ultimate elephant guru. He has been working with elephants since he was 6 years old and was born into a family of many generations of elephants. He joined the CNF team with a passion for being a part of an organisation where elephants are treated with respect. We are incredibly fortunate to have him care for and look after our elephants.

Wachirakorn Porson

Vice Chairman

Wonchai Wongdanal


Sakchai Sawadchai


Guillermo Tenorio

Scientific Director

Victoria Marquez

International Legal Director