Conserve Natural Forests recognises the role played by the youth in shaping a sustainable future. That is why we run daily educational programs and organise field trips for local school kids to increase their awareness of environmental protection.

Why Education?

Often called the 7/11 Generation, the youth of Thailand are its future. Enlightening them about sustainable development and environmental issues is a dependable way to ensure a lasting change for future generations. Moreoever, by teaching the local kids English, we can ensure that the change the youth will bring would not just be limited to Thailand but will be impactful on a global level.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have a generation of Thai people that encourage eco-friendly ways of living, and disregard harmful practices like burning of forests, animal cruelty, and over use of plastic, which their ancestors might have indulged in.

The Project

We have partnerships with local schools where we teach English and Environmental Studies everyday. To cultivate the values taught in practice, we bring organise regular trips to the project site for the kids. They plant trees, eat organic fruits, learn more about the tropical ecosystem, and build a personal relationship with the environment.

Interested in our project?