Reptile Rehabilitation

Reptile Rehabilitation

Conserve Natural Forests has created a habitat for endangered tortoises and terrapins. Our mission is to reproduce, rehabilitate, and release them into the Huai Nam Dang National Park, Thailand.

Why Reptiles?

A total of 18,854 tortoises were seized in illegal trade over the past 6 years in Thailand. These reptiles are traded for domestication, medication, and consumption. There is a dire need to protect these endangered animals and we have taken a step in that direction.

Our Goal

Our goal is to re-wild the endangered reptiles which we have rescued from the world of illegal trade. This is made possible by creating a sustainable ecosystem on our project land to help them better adapt in the wild.

The Project

The project began in 2017 with the arrival of a female elongated tortoise. Today, we house various tortoises and terrapins on our project land. The reptiles arrive here from very different environments, thereby making it important to have the eco-system on our project land to mimic the ecosystem of where they will be released. To do so, we have created a three-phase shelter on our land that takes into account all the factors necessary to the make the rehabilitation process convenient for the reptiles.

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